Lock down Vs Seal Down : Key difference between Lockdown & Sealdown

Due to coronavirus COVID-19 few places are locked down and few places are sealed down. So What is the Key difference between lockdown vs sealdown?

Lock Down vs Seal Down

I have heard people misspoke the word sealdown instead of lockdown. But the meaning of both the word is different.

LockDown vs Sealdown : Difference 

A lockdown is less restrictive and rigorous  and Allowing a two-way supply and procurement of essentials with prescribed safety measures. The accent is said to be to encourage self-regulation and discipline.

In a sealdown, a specified area is totally cut-off from the rest of the town/city. There is total ban on any movement of human and vehicular traffic. Particularly, sealdown is promulgated when a specific area is found to harbor criminals or afflicted with deadly virus or disease; hence, nothing is allowed to move out from the sealed area. However, it casts a burden on the authorities as essentials have to be door-delivered to each family during a sealdown.

Sealdown of an area helps authorities to embark on a proper house-to-house inspection to fulfil the object of sealdown. But usually a sealdown is for as short a period as possible and is lifted soon after the object is met, but close observation continues.

It isn’t so much hard to live in the situation of lockdown but if you are sealed down then it will be difficult without enough supplies and resources and it should be the main difference between lockdown vs sealdown.

Key Difference Between Lock Down And Seal Down

  • SEALDOWN – If you seal an area or a building you prevent people from entering or leaving that area or a building strictly not even for essential services, such as in curfew.
  • LOCKDOWN – A security measure taken during an emergency to prevent people from leaving or entering a building or area except for essential service or medical service

So as per my understanding the key difference between lock down and seal down is if there’s lock down then its a request to stay at home and if its seal down then its illegal to step a foot outside.

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