Coat vs Jacket : Difference between coat and jecket : Which is better ?

Rachel : Can you give me my coat ?

Ross : Yes sure. (1 Minute later when Ross brings it to Rachel)

Rachel : This isn’t coat Ross. this is jacket. You don’t ever know what coat is. i dont believe i am dating you. bla bla bla.

Has anything like this ever happened to you ? If yes then read this article carefully. The word Coat and jacket are very interchangeable and people interchange it all the time because not all people really knows what is the difference between coat and jacket.

People in fashion business and companies that make cloths are the only people who knows what coat is and what jacket is.

So Here we going to explain you what is the key difference between coat and jackets And Which is better between coat vs jacket.

Jackets vs Coats

Difference between Coat and Jacket 

The Key Difference between coat and jacket is the difference of length. That’s the only thing that normal people should know. Jackets are short and Coats are long.

Generally Normal jackets reaches till the waist or little longer then waist. Its different for man and woman woman’s jackets are generally long enough till the waist or little above the waist when the man’s jackets reaches to the waist or little longer below waist. Think about all the girls or boys in denim’s jackets which you thought was hot. That’s actually jackets.

The term jacket originally come from the French noun jaquet, which means a lightweight or small tunic.

Now When we talk about coats, The coats are longer then jackets. Sometimes coats are longer enough to reach till the knees or below the knees. Some coats comes with the belt around waist which you can tie up for warmth. So when you watch various detective movies and shows and you see the outwear detective is wearing, its not a jacket its a coat.

The early use of coat word in English language was a coat of mail, that means like a chain mail, and the chain mail usually protected the wearer from weapons at early time. However, nowadays a coat only protects wearer from rain or cold weather.

Another Difference is,

Coats are mostly the outwear people wear to protect themselves from cold or rain. Coat is protective outwear which makes you feel safe in any kind of weather. But jackets are mostly the fashioned wear (Atleast for today’s generation). Today’s People and mostly teenagers wears jackets to look cool when coats are being wear for protection purpose mostly.

These are the example of jackets In below pictures.

These are the example of Coats in below pictures.

In today’s time Jackets and coats have become similar words. People use either jacket or coat without hesitating specially in american english. Jacket today became fashion symbol and not a protective wear. When people are wearing coats for protection from weather or other things.

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