Website vs Portal : Main Difference between website and portals 2021

Lots of people are asking us a question about what is the main difference between website and portal and which is better ?. I guess you have heard both words on the internet so many times and this is one similar thing which people don’t really understand a difference between.

Website vs Portal : Key Difference between website and portal

Website vs portal

So, Here is the thing. To Understand the difference you have to know the exact meaning of both platforms and what is the purpose of them.

What is website ? What is the main purpose behind creating a website ?

Website is web platform where you can find informative content. When you search on google about information and knowledge and you open a first link or second link to get the right information then it is a website.

The Main purpose behind creating a website is to drive a traffic and providing information to the people. If you want to watch videos then you open a youtube or if you want to learn something you open wikihow. So Their main purpose is to drive traffic and to provide information to the people.

  • If you are subscribed to any celebrity blog and you read that blog regularly (Here you are not exacting to complete any action or specific process) then its a website.
  • When you visit youtube and just scrolling down and when you see something interesting you watch the video. In this case you don’t want to do any particular operation and that’s why youtube is website for you not a portal.

What is Portal ? What is the main purpose behind creating a web portal ?

Portal can be a web based application, software or website also. Portal is created to provide specific kind of service to a specific people or community. If you have subscribed to the health care and you want to check your pending amount or you want to do a claim a bill then you use the health care portal to perform that actions. So in this case the health care website or app is working as a portal for you. To the customers of that health care company the health care website or app is a portal.

  • If you want to apply for some specific job and you are opening that company’s website to apply for the job then that website is the job portal for you. At that job portal you can apply for the job, you can track your application status or you can pay the application fees online there. So That job portal is for the people who are interested to work for the company and have particular qualification and experience.

Main Difference between website and portalĀ 

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