Frames for Profile Pictures – Christmas 2021

Frames for Profile Pictures – for Christmas 2021 are now available for you to change your profile picture!!!

So many creators and graphic designers make the best profile frames all over Facebook! This time they have published some of the best frames about the Holidays and New Year that you should see. Around this time of festivities people like you love to show your spirit and apply frames to show your friends on your profile picture.

There are so many different frames for the same topic. You can see these frame from below given images and select one. After you decide which frame you want to apply, you can read below given guide how to apply these frames to your profile picture.

There is also New Year frames which you should try.  I’ll post the link for those later this week.   Will try to update you with information on Christmas, New Year and Covid vaccine frames that have been requested.   

Christmas is the happiest time of the year and people celebrate it in many different ways. The history of Christmas goes way back but i am here to discuss how to add frames in your Facebook profile picture.

Here’s how you can apply these Christmas 2021 frames to your profile pictures.


How to apply Christmas frame to your profile picture ?

  1. You must first be signed in to Facebook profile.  
  2. Be sure you have the correct photo in your profile picture before adding the frame.
  3. Frame 1, Frame 2, Frame 3, Frame 4, Frame 5, Frame 6, Frame 7, Frame 8, Frame 9, Frame 10, Frame 11, Frame 12.
  4. See below the actual frame you will be able to publish to your profile.
  5. Now click on the frame you like, above is the link to each one.  
  6. The frame will be on your profile picture.  You’ll need to save photo for it to take effect. 

You can also set expiration date of the frame.

The frame will automatically be removed after expiration date from picture.

Or you can create a new profile picture and the frame will automatically be removed.  



Frame 1


Frame 2


Frame 3


Frame 4

Jeff's Christmas frames


Frame 5

jeffs christmas frame 2


Frame 6


Frame 7


Frame 8


Frame 9


Frame 10

Christmas snow


Frame 11

Frame 12


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