Poaching vs Simmering vs Boiling : Key Difference in Cooking Methods

So many cooks don’t really know the difference between poaching, simmering and boiling. Well you must have and cloudy idea that boiling means high temperature and simmering or poaching means low temperature.

But to get the clear idea with the temperature range that which is which you should read this article. We also included which food needs simmering and poaching and which food should be boiled.

Boiling vs Simmering vs Poaching

Difference Between Poaching, Simmering and Boiling

To know the difference you must be familiar with all of the terms here. If you are not, don’t worry. Just read below given definition.

What is Poaching ?

The Temperature range for poaching is 140F to 180F.

People usually poach eggs, meat, fish, vegetables etc. The poaching is very very gentle cooking and it takes a lots of time and patience. Poaching does cooking very gently. It is to make sure that we don’t damage gentle pieces of meat like fish, Chicken etc.

In the process of poaching there’s very few bubbles in the water appears and nothing more you can see in the water.


Benefits of poaching: Because there’s constant low temperature, food can not be overcooked. Some food needs agitation to smell perfectly and poaching is the slow method and it agitates food perfectly.

What is Simmering ?

Temperature range for simmering is 181F to 212F.

We can break simmering into Two sorts (Low Simmering and Full Simmering).

The Low simmering Temp. Range would be 181F to 195F and then 195F to 212F would be full simmering. Each one simmering has its place in cooking.

Simmering and specially low simmering is for food like stocks, making stews, doing some braising etc. The Full Simmer is really more reserved for food like double boiler or making sauces etc.

In the process of simmering more bubbles appears than poaching and it makes the hard pieces of meats, softer and tender without dry them out.


Benefits of simmering: We usually simmer the meat because it has direct connection with it. If the meat is boiled or overcooked then it becomes chewy and kind of tough. So it is advisable to cook meat by simmering.

What is Boiling ?

People don’t really like boiled meat or boiled fish but we do boil grains, noodles etc. The reason we don’t boil meat or fish is it leaves the bubble marks and it damages top of the meat.

Temperature above 212F(Boiling point of Water) is obviously called boiling.

While boiling the food you will see lots and lots of bubbles which also makes sound. If you are willing to boil anything then it would be something like potatoes, Some salads, Vegetable soups etc.


So, That was everything you should know about boiling, simmering and poaching. If you still have any question about what is the difference between them then you can ask us in the comment section.

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