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Epiphany is likewise when a few Churches recall when Jesus was Baptized, when he was around 30, and began to show individuals God. Epiphany signifies ‘disclosure’ and both the visit of the Wise Men and his Baptism are significant occasions when Jesus was ‘uncovered’ to be significant.

A few Churches commend use Epiphany to celebrate and recollect both the visit of the Wise Men and Jesus’ Baptism!

Epiphany is principally celebrated by Catholics and Orthodox Christians. It’s a major and significant celebration in Spain, where it’s otherwise called ‘The celebration of the three Magic Kings’ – ‘Party de Los tres Reyes Mages’, and is when Spanish and some other Catholic youngsters get their presents – as they are conveyed by the Three Kings!

Epiphany day frame


In Spain on Epiphany morning you may go to the neighborhood cooks and purchase an uncommon cake/baked good called a ‘Roscón’ (which means a ring molded roll). They are regularly loaded up with cream or chocolate and are enhanced with a paper crown. There is typically a figure of a lord (on the off chance that you find that you can wear the crown) and a dried bean (in the event that you find that you’re intended to pay for the cake!). In Catalonia it’s known as a Tortell or Gâteau des Rois and is loaded down with marzipan.

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