PhotoPix Frame : Tap To Play Best Instant Game

There’s This new game called PhotoPix which is going viral now a days in facebook. If you have seen your friends applying some facebook filters on their profile picture, you might be wondering how are they doing that.

Well the key to this frames is they are playing this facebook instant game called PhotoPix .

In this game you can apply the frame you like on your profile picture and then you can create jigsaw puzzle of that picture. Once you solve the jigsaw puzzle there’s this option popsup to share your profile picture with the frame on your facebook wall/timeline.

Here are some frames that people are using the most from PhotoPix .

So how to play this game or how to apply this filters on your profile picutre ?

Well its very simple.

  1. First you have to click on this link to play the game.
  2. PhotoPix Tap To Play : Play
  3. Now you will see the frame applied to your picture.
  4. If you scroll down you will see bunch of other frames there also.
  5. Now you just have to select the frame you like and tap on it.
  6. The frame is applied and you will get share button there.
  7. You can share it on your wall if you want.

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