Kinnser Login Problem Solved 2023: Permanent Login on Kinnser

First of all let me clarify something. Kinnser Software Company now renamed as WellSky Home Health. I am personally nurse myself and that’s why i know the problems you are facing with Kinnser Login.

Kinnser Login and passwords are usually very difficult to retrieve if you have lost them. Also the problem with the WellSky services is that you are continuously logged out of the system. If you leave your PC for 10 Minutes, you are automatically logged out.

So, if you are facing the same difficulties then you are at the right place because today, i am going to show you how to resolve these issues.

Kinnser Login And Password

Kinnser login and passwords are given with the software and you can do login directly through the software. The web address to login is Kinnser with double N which is Since the Wellsky Bought out the Kinnser, the new website to login into is

Kinnser Username & Password

Everyone’s Kinnser Username is their first initial with their last name and their defauly password is 1 to 9. Now once you are logged in, the first thing you want to do is go to the profile option and change the password.

The password changing requires to answer some security questions which you can set as per your need. The security questions and answers are important incase you forgot or lose your kinnser password. If you lose the kinnser password, they will ask you a questions which you can asnwer and then they will send you the password recovery email and from there you can change or set new password.

The email communication in Kinnser is known as K-Mail which is basically email. When you login into the Kinnser for the first time you will see bunch of K mails which is sent by kinnser for the instructions and welcome.

Kinnser/Wellsky Login Screen

Kinnser Login

While login into the kinnser if you see the WellSky Login screen, It’s ok. Since the kinnser sold out to Wellsky, they have changed the company logo with login screen. So do not blame yourself, you are not at the wrong place.

Kinnser Hotbox

Hotbox is really the place you want to be in. It will show you the task that you are assigned to and the dates that they were assigned on.

How to recover Kinnser Username – Password ?

To recover the username and password of kinnser, you have to go to the forgot password option on the portal. There you will be asked to answer some security questions which you have sent at the time of creatin the account in

Once you give the right answer to all the security questions asked by, you will receive the password reset link in your registered email id.

You can click on that link and use it to set the new password. The password reset link sent by kinnser login will expire in 24 hours so you have to complete the process in 24 hours or less.

How to stay logged in into Kinnser ?

If you are continuously logged out of the system, you can fix that with one simple option.

Go to the profile in your Kinnser account and go to the login settings. Once you find it, it will show the login timer there. You can reset that timer to 1 hour or more. So if you leave screen as it as for one hour, you will still find yourself logged into kinnser.

Thank you for reading this post and visiting our website. If you are still facing any difficulties regarding the software, please let us know through comment section.

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