I Got My Covid-19 Booster Frame: WE CAN DO THIS

Recently U.S. Department of Health and Human Services published a new frame for facebook profile picture. The name of the frame is “I Got My Covid-19 Booster” and “Lets get our Covid-19 Booster“. So if you have had your covid Booster then you should apply this frame to your profile picture.

This frame is for the people who have had their covid 19 vaccine injected.

The other text in the frame is we can do this. It is the encourage people to get corona vaccine as soon as possible.

The corona virus took the time and still spreading across the world and the least we can do is to keep social distancing and take the vaccine.

There are several people who have already used this frame by U.S. Department of health and human service. You can let your facebook friends know that you have had your dose and you are fine now.

The frame looks something like this.



There are majority of senior citizens who wants to apply this frame on their profile picture but they doesn’t know how. So here i have written step by step guide about how you can apply this corona vaccine frame to your profile picture.

The process to apply any frame on the profile picture is easy. You go to the universal frame page and search for the frame.

But some frames are limited to the specific country. So i have given the link below so you won’t have to search the frame.

Apply I Got My Covid-19 Vaccine frame to your profile picture.

  • If any of your friend applied this frame then you can go to their profile and find the post named Update your Profile picture with this frame from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • But if that’s not the case then follow these steps.
  • First of all go to this frame link : Frame.
  • Now frame will already applied to your profile picture.
  • you just have to adjust the frame as per your profile picture and then select the time.
  • You can select from 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year.
  • Whatever time you select the frame will be on your profile picture for that time.
  • After that frame will be automatically removed.
  • Now once you have selected the time frame you just have to click on try it button or use it button.
  • Done !

You can like our page for more frames : Profile Picture Frame | Facebook.

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