Home vs House : What’s the difference between home and house ?

Home vs House

Home Vs House: Know The Difference

Many people tend to use the words house and home interchangeably. Well, that’s completely wrong as both the words have different meanings. Both the words are similar but they carry a different meaning. If you want to use them correctly in your statement, then you need to first learn the correct meaning of both words.

Home vs house has always been confusing for many people. That’s because they assume it to have the same meaning. If you too think the same, then you need to rectify yourself soon.

In this article, we will vividly explain the difference between a home and a house. After reading this article, all your confusion should be gone.

Difference Between Home And House

On a basic level, when you talk about a house, you mean a physical building that is made of bricks, cement, and all the other raw materials. But the moment you call it home, the meaning changes. By home, we mean a place where you live with your families and loved ones. Home represents Comfort and safety.

The meaning of both words is very clear. All you have to do is just pay a little attention to it. A home is a place where you feel special and it has some value to you. Also home is the location where you feel you belong. But a house is just a building and it has no meaning to you. Well, that’s the difference between home and house.

The word Home carried more respect then a house, so you can use it when you want to be polite to someone.

Building A House

Houses are built in different shapes and sizes. Some are small, while others are big. A house is an enclosed place within four walls with a roof to cover the top. The main function of a house is to provide a place to stay for the inhabitants. It gives you and your family shelter. A house can be your property or you can even rent it.

The origin of the word house comes from the Old English word ‘hus’ meaning shelter or dwelling. It’s a place that is comfortable and gives you permanent or temporary accommodation.

You can define a house as a building or structure that is erected to give you a place to stay. It can accommodate you and your family. We use the word ‘house’ in our sentences to refer to the building we stay in and not the overall condition of the place.

A house can be your personal property. You build a house to create a place to live and rest. You turn a house into a home and not the other way round.

Living In A Home 

We all have homes to live in. A home is a place where you feel comfortable and cozy. It is a place where you have your family and loved ones. In other words, it’s a dwelling place for a family. In a home, your support and take care of each other.

A home is made by family members living together. You stay with your parents, spouse, and kids to create a home. The word ‘home’ is abstract. It gives you the feeling of a sense of belonging.

To define it in simple words, it means how you feel about a place. A home can be anything. From a building to a tunnel, you can stay anywhere and turn it into a home. It always necessarily doesn’t have to be a building or apartment. Any place can become your home where you stay with your family. It doesn’t matter whether you are staying temporarily or permanently because a home is created when you start staying with your family and loved ones.

Unlike the house, a home is not anything physical. It is an abstract thing or just a place in your mind. When we say ‘let’s go home’, we don’t mean the physical building where we stay in. By home, we mean the place where we feel the most comfortable. A home gives you a sense of belongingness which a house cannot provide you.

A house provides you with a place to stay and you turn that place into a home by staying in it. Your home belongs to you and no one else. But a house can be sold or bought by anyone. In other words, you cannot sell your home ever. This is why it has a special place in our minds and heart.

We are attached to our homes and not our house. This is why many of us can afford to sell off our houses and buy a new one without any second thoughts. But that’s not the case when you talk about your home.

A home can also refer to a town tor country where you were born or have lived for years. A home is a place that has memories and emotions attached to it. No matter what you do, you can never change that. A home is beyond any physical building or location. You can make a home amid nowhere if you have your family with you.

Less House More Home Meaning

A home teaches you to take care of your family members and stay happy with them. It keeps you bonded and close to each other. Both the words, home, and house are similar but when you take a look at their meanings, they are different. It’s less house more home meaning. Now that you know the meaning of both words, hopefully, you will use it correctly.

After going through the above discussion, your confusion regarding the words home and the house should be clear. Both the words have separate meanings and therefore, you should use them in the correct context. They are not to be used interchangeably ever.

Make a house a home meaning

When you erect a new building, you say that you are building a house. This means you are making a physical building by using all the raw materials. A house can be an apartment, flat, building or government housing. You make a house a home meaning. You start staying with your family or tribe in a place or building and start calling it home. That’s because you have your people there.

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