Bizmail Login : Yahoo Bizmail business email login 2023

So, Recently i heard that lots of people are facing difficulty finding the right link for Bizmail login. Actually i am working in corporate office and my collogues were facing the same issue again and again. I bookmarked the link into their browsers but it wasn’t very helpful for them. So i thought maybe lots of people around the world might be facing the same problem.

That’s when i decided to write this post. If you are having the same problem again and again then here is the solution. Here i have provided the direct link of bizmail login.

The portal is also known for yahoo small business login because they are supporting the small businesses by providing them cheap and reliable hosting/domain/websites. That’s why the portal is popular by the name yahoo business mail login or bizmail login.

They are also branding this domain by doing the advertisement to the small business owner. If you open their portal, you will see the headings like, “Make your business official in 2023”. So some people remember the portal by small bizmail login and searching for the right link.

As per yahoo bizmail officials, They have rebranded it to the new name verizon. Over the next few weeks, we will be dropping the “Yahoo” brand and will officially adopt “Verizon”, becoming Verizon Small Business Essentials. You’ll see lots of changes but one thing you won’t see change is our commitment to you — our customer. We remain focused on helping small businesses succeed online. That mission remains the same as it’s been for the last 20 years.

Why everyone is facing difficulty finding the right bizmail portal ?

See, the reason people are facing difficulty is obvious. They have changed the name and link of the portal. When you visited the bizmail website first it was something like “”.

But after that they have changed the name and domain of the website. At the current time if you open the Bizmail yahoo portal, you will be redirected to the When people immediately redirects to another website which they have never seen or visited before they obviously would wonder whether it is the right portal or not.

After that they search for the right (or website which they have visited before the change) website.

So the solution is you don’t have to worry about whether the is right bizmail login site or not. It is the correct website and yahoo just rebranded it to the verizon for some reasons. They must have informed all the people through at least one communication channel but you may have ignored that.

How to do login in the bizmail ?

So the process to login is very simple. Just follow the steps i have provided below. You must know your credential (usename/email and password). If you have forgotten your password then you can recover it simply through your email address.

  1. First of all visit this link :
  2. Now you will be redirected to the
  3. Here click on the Login button which is on the right upper side corner.
  4. You will see this type of screen there.
  5. Now enter your login email and password here and you can easily login to the portal.

So the information i am trying to provide here is, verizon is the new name for yahoo bizmail. Yahoo business mail is rebranding their brand to the verizon small business essentials. Sometimes companies do that to make some changes in to the current situation of the firm.

If you are still having any kind of problem regarding yahoo bizmail then you can ask us through comment section below. For now goodbye and best of luck in your future adventures.

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