How to Block Schedule on Denticon by Planet DDS?

Hey guys! Today we are going to talk about the productive scheduling or block scheduling and how to do it properly in denticon software.

The reason i am writing this guide is because so many people are asking questions about block scheduling in our blog.

Another reason behind this post is that i do not think that the block scheduling is fully explained to doctors or team members or employees. They don’t know the importance of productive scheduling in denticon and why they should be doing it.

How to Block Schedule

What is Productive scheduling or Block Scheduling in denticon?

Denticon is the software doctors and staff members use to ez up their work. The feature of Block Scheduling/productive scheduling is basically to build the schedule, in organized fashion or in a manner that we are planning when and where appointments will go.

Many Dental offices just sort of put things in the schedule where they fit the. They just kind of put patients in the times that they want to come in, where there’s a little hole, even though the appointment doesn’t fit. If we have a big appointment we’re trying to get in, we sideline them. What happens is, at the end of the day we run crazy schedule that’s not productive. At the end of the day we are like what happened.

But thanks to planet dds that we have productive scheduling or block scheduling.

The way Block Scheduling works is that you plan ahead where appointments are going to go in the schedule, and you block for your productive appointments. So usually your productive appointments or your larger appointments, you actually put blocks in the schedule, and you hold those spots for the larger appointments. 

Why should you use block scheduling?

Denticon Block Scheduling

well, there’s two reason for this.

  1. first reason is for the office because you want to hit your daily goal every day and productive appointments are going to help you get to your goal faster.
    • So if you hold your spots for the appointments and you fill them with production larger appointments, its going to help you reach your goal way faster. also, you are not going to sideline and try to squeeze a lot of patient in, you’re actually going to be able to have the time and attention to give to your patients.
  2. It’s also a benefit to the patients because typically our larger production appointments are our more urgent appointments. They are the ones that are higher priority to have to get done sooner and we want to get our patients in right away.
    • So if we can block or hold the spot in our schedule, so that if we get a patient today, we’ll be able to get them in the next few days to get that treatment done.

So that’s way batter for patients and helping them to keep their teeth for life. So, there’s a benefit to both the office and the patients by productive scheduling or block scheduling.

Why are Dentists not using Block Scheduling in planet dds denticon?

The reason why dentists and team members don’t really use denticon block scheduling is because they don’t really understand it. Maybe they have heard the term and read a little bit about it or they have been to training where the have kind of heard the concept about it but they didn’t really understand why it’s important.

Also, the denticon training doesn’t really explain why it’s important and why people should use it.

How to Block Schedule on Denticon?

There’s an actual system to building a productive schedule, there’s a training that’s needed and there’s a way to do it so that it’s each and every day. We can’t guarantee that you are not going to have emergencies and upsets and cancellations but most days, you can hit your daily goals easily and not stress about what the day is going to look like and have crickets chirpring over your head.

So to learn about productive scheduling, if you need help with front desk office rocks, planet dds have an advanced training on this where we can take someone who doesn’t even know anything about dental offices and teach them how to build a productive schedule, but it is vital because the schedule is the most important thing in dental office. it’s one of the things that runs everything for the team, for a patient, and the better we are at scheduling, the less stressed you are going to be.

By learning the block scheduling on the software from denticon login, you will be able to give your patients the best customer service. So, it’s worth it to take the time and learn it and implement it into your practice.

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