Download Microsoft Edge Inspirational Images : New Tab Background Wallpapers

Lots of people were asking me about how to download the background images from microsoft edge browser’s inspirational views. I have to admit that some of that edge wallpapers are pretty beautiful but hard to find. When you click on the link of that image the browser will take you to bing search. Even at the bing search sometimes its hard to find the exact image that was showing in new tab of the edge browser.

So here i have very simple method which you can follow to download that microsoft edge wallpapers or image of the day.

Download Microsoft edge image of the day wallpaper

To download ms edge image of the day you can either search the keywords in the bing images and find nothing or you can follow these simple steps.

  • First of all open microsoft edge new tab (obviously !).
  • Now click the F12 Button or press ctrl+shift+i.
  • You will see the inspect tab in the right side of the browser (look at the image).
  • edge wallpaper
  • Now click on the Network tab (refer image).
  • There, find filter box and type “img” in it.
  • img new tab
  • Now reload the page by pressing ctrl+R.
  • reload
  • Double click on the image link and you will find the image in new tab.
  • Download the image/wallpaper by right click and save image option.
  • That’s it.

It is the easiest way to download the various microsoft edge browser inspirational theme wallpapers. you may find these images on other website but it won’t be in high quality and when you set it up as your desktop wallpaper the image will break.

The resolution you find by downloading edge wallpaper or edge image of the day this way is the perfect resolution for your desktop background. You can use the image anywhere offline. For online use, you may want to find the owner of the image and ask them first otherwise there’s a chance you will face copyright strike on your blog or advertisements.

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3 thoughts on “Download Microsoft Edge Inspirational Images : New Tab Background Wallpapers”

  1. That’s one way to do it. However, it requires reloading the home page and that might change the wallpaper to some that you don’t like. I prefer different solution which is fairly simple too and it doesn’t require reloading and thus it gets you the current background:

    1. On the home page, while the current background is the one that you would like to download, right-click and choose ‘Inspect’
    2. A side panel will open showing the source code.
    3. It should be scrolled to the part we are looking for, but in case it’s not:
    – press ‘Ctrl+F’ to bring the search box and type: “picture” (including the quotation marks)
    – it should navigate you to the line that begins with , followed by:
    src=”” <– that's the link to the current wallpaper.
    Now you can either right-click on the link and open in it a new tab; or hoover on it and a little pop-up window will appear with detailed info, including the same link again – here you can simply left-click on it.

  2. Errata
    In my earlier post, there is one line in which some text contained in angle brackets was truncated after posting. I cannot edit or delete that post. Let me fix this, by quoting the line in question without the angle brackets:
    Where it is:
    – it should navigate you to the line that begins with , followed by:
    src=”” <– that's the link to the current wallpaper.

    It should be:
    – it should navigate you to the line that begins with: img class="picture", followed by:
    src=”link-to-the-current-wallpaper” – that's the link you need.


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