Humpback whales : A whale of a hug Bing Wallpaper

Humpback whales

This season, humpback whales make their yearly outing to the warm waters of the South Pacific to mate. The present picture discovers us swimming close by a humpback mother and her young calf close to the Polynesian island chain of Tonga. The humpbacks return every year from their taking care of grounds off Antarctica—an excursion of more than 6,400-kilometers. Through November, the bovines will remain in this locale while their infant calves become sufficiently able to make the trip back to the chilly Antarctic waters where their principle food source—the little shellfish called krill—is plentiful. Humpbacks are found in each sea on the planet. They’re known for their supernatural melodies, which like the humpback itself, can travel significant stretches through the water. Researchers are as yet considering these sounds to discover what they mean. However, it’s feasible they sing to speak with others and draw in possible mates. Or then again perhaps it’s a method to sit back on that 6,400-kilometer venture through the seas.

A whale of a hug Bing Wallpaper

humpback whales
A whale of a hug

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