Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand : A pontoon bridge off the coast Windows 10 Edge Image

Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand : Windows 10 Spotlight Microsoft Edge New Tab Images Wallpapers

In the Gulf of Thailand lies an amazingly delightful island that is not been long on the traveler radar. Where once Ko Pha Ngan saw the infrequent bold explorer arrive at its shores, in the course of recent decades the hikers have been obscured by sightseers attracted to the popular—some state notorious—Full Moon Party, a month to month music fest pulling in many thousands to one piece of the island. Ongoing endeavors to make light of Ko Pha Ngan’s unruly notoriety are starting to pay off, and the island is extending its all the more family-accommodating and luxury resort courtesies. Another air terminal, and police crackdowns on boisterous conduct, are additionally helping shift the island’s vibe from ‘party bounty’ to ‘serene rich.’

A pontoon bridge off the coast of Ko Pha Ngan Island, Thailand

Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand A pontoon bridge off the coast

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