Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Frame For Facebook Profile Picture

On seventeenth March, Irish individuals praise their day, because of Saint Patrick, who changed over the Irish into Christianity in the island in the fifth century. There are festivities around the world, any place there is an Irish individual. The average tone is green, as it is identified with Ireland.

Here are five themed writing prompts that you could use :

1. Compose a 50-100 word story utilizing the primary line, “It was March seventeenth, simply one more day of the week. I got dressed, glanced in the mirror and saw that my face was totally green…”

2. What’s the distinction among karma and destiny? If somebody somehow managed to win the lottery, would you think they were fortunate or that it was intended to occur? Offer motivations to clarify your response.

3. Compose a 10 line St. Patrick’s Day sonnet utilizing the accompanying words: green, lucky charm, rainbow, a treasure, March, leprechaun, fortunate, Irish, shamrock, and enchantment.

4. The lucky charm is quite possibly the most perceived lucky trinkets. Recognize some certain and negative components of the individuals who may depend on charms. What are some different instances of lucky trinkets? What or who is your four leaf clover?

5. Was there ever a period in your life that you can review depending on that fortunate penny you found? On the off chance that you found a penny today, would you actually believe it to be fortunate? Why or why not?

Saint Patricks Day Fb profile Picture Frame

I'm Irish Frame

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Frame For Facebook Profile Picture


  • First of all here is the link of the frame that i created for saint patrick’s Day
  • Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Frame Link 1, Frame 2
  • Click on the link and you will see your profile picture with the frame applied on it.
  • Adjust the frame with the height and width of your profile picture.
  • Now you can set the time period for which you want frame to be applied on your DP.
  • Now click on Use it or try it button.
  • Voila. The Saint Patrick’s Day Frame is applied on your profile Picture.


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