Yogurt vs Curd : Key Difference between Yogurt and Curd

People usually use the word yogurt and curd without knowing the difference between both stuff. Do you also think that yogurt and curd is the same thing?

Have you ever wondered that what is the key difference between yogurt and curd or is there really any difference between yogurt and curd ? If your answer is yes then you have came to the right place.

Yogurt vs Curd : Main Differences

Yogurt vs Curd

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I didn’t care at all calling yogurt a curd and calling curd a yogurt but then one day my colleague taunted me on this subject and i had done research about both and found out that Yogurt and Curd are really different.

I thought that in some countries its called yogurt and in some countries its called curd but that’s not true. There’s a lots of differences in terms of nutrition, Making or fermentation of curd and yogurt and many health wise differences.


Difference between making / fermentation of Curd and Yogurt

  • Making of Curd 
    • Curd is basically made with the cow milk in united states but in some countries, its made of the milk of other animals like goat.
    • When lactobacilli bacteria is added to milk at the temperature of 30 to 40 degree, The fermentation process of the milk starts and after sometime it becomes curd.
    • Usually people add already made curd into the milk, it starts the fermentation and converts milk into curd. The process of making curd is also known as curdling.
  • Making of Yogurt
    • Like a curd, Yogurt is also basically made with the with cow’s milk in USA. In some parts of the earth, milk of other animals is also being used like the milk of sheep, goats, and camels.
    • When the bacteria Streptococcus thermophiles and Lactobacillus bulgaricus is added to the milk, the fermentation process starts. In the process these bacteria converts the sugar or lactose of the milk into the lactic acid and it converts milk into yogurt with its flavor.


Health & Nutrition Oriented Differences Between Curd and Yogurt

First of all the fermentation process and enzymes use for the making of both curd and yogurt is different. So the nutrition in both products must be different obviously!

Lots of people asked us which is better for health benefits and for weight loss. Also which has low fat and high protein from yogurt and curd. So we asked the expert these questions and got some satisfying answers which is written down below.

Yogurt vs curd health and nutriontion

First of all you should know what happens to MILK while making Curd or Yogurt ?

Well, Making of curd or yogurt from the Milk doesn’t change most of the nutrition like Fat, proteins or calories but it does change the carbohydrate level in the milk.

During the fermentation, The process or enzyme converts lactose or suger from the milk into the lactic acid. Because of the low level of lactic acid in the yogurt and curd, person who has allergy of lactose (Lactose intolerance) and can’t consume milk can eat yogurt or curd.

  • Lactose intolerance people can also consume yogurt and curd because it has low level of lactose then milk.
  • Fermentation converts lactose into lactic acid which gives the sour test to curd and yogurt. (Acids are usually sour tested).

Comparison of Minerals and Vitamins in curd and yogurt

Nutritions and vitamins in 100 Grams of Yogurt and Curd
8% DV of riboflavin10% DV of riboflavin
6% DV of vitamins B127% DV of vitamins B12
4% DV of Pantothenic acid6% DV of Pantothenic acid
2% DV of vitamin A, thiamin, folate and vitamin B63% DV of vitamin A,
Vitamin C2% DV of thiamin and vitamin B6
12% DV of calcium8% DV of calcium
9% DV of phosphorous16% DV of phosphorous
4% DV of potassium and Zinc3% DV of potassium and Zinc
3% DV of selenium and magnesium14% DV of selenium
2% DV of sodium2% DV of magnesium
15% DV of sodium
1% DV of Copper
  • Also Some Other differences you should know is usually the curd is made at home and yogurt is the industrial product.
  • In the comparison of curd vs yogurt, Curd is usually non flavored and yogurt comes in lots of flavored.

Health Benefits of Curd vs Yogurt

Both Curd and Yogurt is equally healthy but the yogurt is a industrial product so that some nutrition can be added into the yogurt. Curd is usually homemade but it is also very healthy in the comparison of curd vs yogurt healthwise.

Curd Contains 10-11g protein per 100g of curd. Protein makes curd weight loss friendly.Yogurt contains 3.5-4g protein per 100g yogurt. Protein makes Yogurt weight loss friendly.
Curd Contains good amount of Calcium and Phosphorus which makes teeth and bones stronger.Yogurt Contains Good Amount of potassium which is good for high blood pressure.
Curd increases immune system of body because of some bacteria available in curd.Yogurt is beneficial for overall health and it contains very low amount of lactose so that allergic people can also consume it.
Curd is also being used as skin care product and hair care product. Use of Curd helps in removing the dandruff from the hair.Yogurt is the healthiest and creamiest breakfast for children.

What is the Key Difference Between Yogurt and Curd ? [Summary]

I think you have learned a lot in this article about the various differences between curd and yogurt. There’s some visitors of our website youshouldlisten.com who do not have time to read the whole article and asked us for the summary of differences between. So here is the key difference between both yogurt and curd in a short form which anyone can digest.

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