Fireflies in a forest in Okayama prefecture, Japan firefly (insect) : Windows10 Spotlight Image

Fireflies in a forest in Okayama prefecture, Japan

There are almost 2,000 distinct types of creepy crawlies that we generally call ‘fireflies’ or ‘lightning bugs,’ contingent upon where you’re from. Indeed, even their hatchlings gleam. For the youthful, the sparkle is an admonition to predators, as the hatchlings are regularly poisonous, or possibly don’t taste great. For the grown-ups, the bioluminescence is utilized to pull in a mate. The calm atmosphere and forested mountain zones here in Japan’s Okayama prefecture make a perfect biological system for bioluminescent creepy crawlies, and now and again fireflies multiply in incredible numbers among the trees and fields, enchanting spectators and pulling in picture takers by the score.

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firefly (insect)

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