Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Profile frame from Toni Tails / Tonitees.com

So i am here to guide you about the procedure to change profile picture with Happy saint patrick’s day frame. Now a days everyone is creating a frame in facebook. When the power goes to literally anyone, there’s few artists who are really bad and their frames are just horrible.

Now when you cant find good frames, you apply whatever frame is available to you. But dont worry here i am. Today i am going to introduce you to one of the best creator of frame out there on facebook. Have you heard the name toni tails ?

Toni tails is just awesome artist and her frames are mind blowing. There are few frames that are amazingly creative and it just sparkles your profile picture.

Now Saint patricks day is coming and she made another great frame to honor their follower’s demand. She created poll to ask which frame is good and then she published the most voted frame on his page toni tails frames.

You may have seen people’s profile picture with writing at below “update your profile picture with this frame from toni tails frame”. Ya i am talking about the same toni tails.

Here is the most famous valentines day frame i am talking about.


This frame may not look a like one of the best frame but when you apply the effect of this filter/overlay on your image, it will look very nice.

If you want to try and update your profile picture with this frame from toni tails frame then you can follow below given simple steps.

Update your profile picture with saint patrick’s day frame from toni tails

  1. First you go to the frame studio of facebook.
  2. Now search for the toni tails keyword there.
  3. You will see lots of frame from toni tails.
  4. There make another search for “toni tails valentine” and you will see this frame.
  5. You will see bunch of other frames also.
  6. Now click on the frame and use it to your profile picture.
  7. The link of the facebook frame studio is given below.

Apply this frame now.

Facebook frame studio : Frames

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