Rocamadour : A city, a cliff, a canyon…and cheese Bing Wallpaper

Rocamadour Bing Wallpaper

Looking down the rich Alzou waterway valley at the vertically-situated town of Rocamadour, you won’t be shocked some see the middle age French town as a heavenly site: Its excellence alone is mysterious. The canyons of southwestern France are home to various striking notable villas worked along and on their lofty edges. In any case, Rocamadour is unique as a stop for a great many pioneers in transit of Saint James, an UNESCO-perceived conventional course through France and Spain that despite everything draws travelers both devout and common. The town’s bluff top safe-haven and the dark painted Madonna sculpture inside have been suspected to have mending powers. In case you’re attracted to all the more natural wellsprings of good wellbeing, however, Rocamadour likewise loans its name to a heavenly, privately made goat cheddar.

A city, a cliff, a canyon…and cheese Windows Spotlight images 

A city, a cliff, a canyon…and cheese

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