Northern lights aurora borealis : above Jökulsárlón, Iceland Windows Spotlight Images

Northern lights aurora borealis

Iceland is seemingly the best spot on the planet to see the aeronautical lightshow known as the aurora borealis. For one, this island country is way, way north and exists in the high scope ‘auroral zone,’ a locale of vigorous geomagnetic action that transmits the beautiful lights. Local area experts promote that sky-gazers can see distinctive auroras from wherever in the nation, spare maybe the focal point of Reykjavík, its capital. What’s more, when one gets a brief look at the aurora borealis, it’s generally moving over another stunning piece of characteristic excellence, as Iceland is stuffed with bewildering scenes. The green gleam curtaining the sky here is whirling above Jökulsárlón, a chilly tidal pond known for its dreamlike ice floes.

above Jökulsárlón, Iceland Windows Spotlight Images

northern lights aurora borealis

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