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Château d’If

Château d’If, off the shoreline of Marseille, France, was constructed starting in 1524 as a fortification by King Francis I in light of the little island’s precarious bluffs and vital area. While the ‘château’ never picked up reputation guarding the antiquated port (since it was never assaulted), it became acclaimed as a jail. Encircled by deceptive flows, it increased a notoriety beginning in the late sixteenth century as a dumping ground for incredible political and strict detainees. To the extent official records go, none of the detainees censured there ever gotten away.

Notwithstanding, there is one acclaimed story of a departure from the château by one Edmond Dantes, the nominal legend of the 1844 Alexander Dumas tale ‘The Count of Monte Cristo.’ And however he is a work of fiction, you can visit Edmond Dantes’ cell on the lower level of the jail. The almost completely saved stronghold is only a short ship ride from the harbors of the old port of Marseille.

A prison fit for a count

château d'if
A prison fit for a count

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